Infrastructure modernization: Compute

Google Cloud runs on the same global infrastructure that powers YouTube, Gmail, and other Google products used by billions of people around the world. Organizations are adopting modern cloud architectures to deliver the best experience to their customers and benefit from greater agility and faster time to market. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is at the center of this shift, from enabling customers to adopt hybrid and multi-cloud architectures to modernizing their services


Quickly gain the cost, performance and innovation benefits of a modern cloud platform with our seamless migration process..


  • VM Migration -Google Cloud offers solutions for customers migrating VMs to GCP at no additional cost. As part of an extensive ecosystem of partners, Pawa IT is here to help with discovery and assessment, planning, migration, special use cases, and more.Example Lift and Shift and upgrade
  • Data Centre migration- Migrate your IT landscape to Google Cloud on your terms
    • Lift and shift: Shift infrastructure and apps from on-premises into the cloud, such as migrating VMs ie Hypervisor and VMware as is from on-premises to GCP.
    • Move and improve: Migrate applications as is, such as converting a system into a container. Then enhance these apps post-migration.
    • Rebuild in the cloud: Modernize your traditional on-premises applications by rebuilding them in the cloud, using our serverless computing platform.
    • Windows on GCP- The best cloud for Windows Workloads
      • With leading security, networking, and price-performance, Google’s infrastructure is the best cloud environment for Windows and enterprise workloads.
      • Shift your focus to building great applications powered by Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server, available pre installed on Google Compute Engine VMs with full licensing and support for your enterprise.
      •  Build and deploy Windows and .NET applications on Google Cloud Platform directly from familiar enterprise tools like Visual Studio and PowerShell. Integrate Google’s vast services APIs with native .NET libraries available to your teams in open
  • Compute- Create Compute Engine VMs with optimal amounts of vCPU and memory. Enjoy:- 
  • Low Cost, Automatic Discounts
  • Industry Leading Price & Performance
  • Fast & Efficient Networking
  •  Environmentally Friendly Global Network
  •  Flexibility for Every Workload