Now that you have gone to the cloud, you need to keep alert in the early weeks to keep optimize the performance of your cloud. Note this is part two series, Click here for Part 1: Cost and Migration Considerations.

Find and Remove Underutilized Resources

Before diving head-first onto the google cloud bandwagon, it is imperative to ensure you do not opt for excess resources. Although in multiple cases, estimating this usage beforehand is very difficult, which leads to underutilized resources. These resources often keep running in the cloud environment, even without serving any purpose and lead to unnecessary costs. Identification and removal of such resources can have a huge impact on your cloud bills.

Implement Monitoring and Alarms

It becomes essential to implement proper monitoring in order to tackle resource wastage as described in the paragraph above. Organizations need to introduce appropriate monitoring tools (Stackdriver) to ensure proper utilization of their resources. Another aspect is implementing alarms/alerts according to a set of predefined rules without the need for any human input. These help organizations remain within the budget with automated triggers if a predefined threshold is crossed.

Integrate Services

Due to the changing nature of workloads in many organizations, hybrid cloud infrastructure has become a go-to for many enterprises. In this regard, allowing the integration of services between multiple platforms becomes essential for businesses to ensure consistency and efficiency. A stand-alone service leads to less cost-efficiency than a package of services available across all platforms.

Reserve Instances

When migrating from on-premise servers to the cloud, organizations need to opt for an optimal level of services to run their workloads. These services can then be scaled according to the organizations’ needs in the future. This is where reserved instances come into play, as once an organization determines its needs, it can opt for reserved instances, which can bring huge savings on their cloud costs. In some cases, reserved instances can reduce cloud costs by 50%.

Increase Cloud Automation

Another cloud aspect that often goes unnoticed is cloud automation. A majority of mundane cloud tasks can be automated, but organizations still allocate specialized technicians to handle them. This lack of automation leads to higher costs with no rise in returns. Automation allows organizations to free up resources and focus on asset creation instead of daily maintenance.

Optimize Backups

Along the lines of automation, backups are another ignored section while companies migrate to the cloud. Generally, backups are created regularly, but older backups are not deleted, leading to excess storage usage. Optimizing backups allows organizations to retain a few backups while saving on resources while giving them the option to choose which resources and information they want to keep.

Exceeding cloud budgets is a common problem that organizations can easily avoid. Maintaining a healthy cloud and getting the desired Return On Investment (ROI) from google cloud can be tough but not unachievable. The optimal way of getting the desired ROI from google cloud is consulting us at PawaIT Solution Ltd as we have Google cloud certified  experts to make concrete and precise projections regarding google cloud.