Google Workspace Essentials. So what’s New?

With the changing dynamics of our current work environment, more technology solutions are being developed to assist employees to stay productive and efficient. Google is one of the companies that are at the forefront of pioneering collaborative software/solutions in the workplace. Some of the solutions include G Suite and G Suite Essentials.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a suite of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products .G Suite comprises of products like Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Meet, Chat, Sites, and much more.

Introducing Google Workspace Essentials

Google Workspace Essentials is a new suite of collaboration tools developed by Google which allows employees within an organization to use applications like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, and Google Meet without necessarily using Gmail.

Google Workspace Essentials allows organizations to extend the services to the wider team for secure collaboration either via Google Drive and secure video meetings via Google Meet without a need to change their current emailing platform

Google Workspace Essentials Package

Google Meet

Secure video Meetings
Seamless Share Screen
No downloads Required
Schedule, create and join the meeting from MS outlook
 Google Drive
Store all your document
Granular Sharing Options
Shared Drive for Teams collaboration
Offline Acces Available
Google Docs
Clean and clean interface for writing
Assign action items instantly
Automatic version control
No, save button
Google Sheets
Analyze and Visualize
Hundreds of Formulas available
cell level revision history
Extend with Google Apps Script
Google Slides
Ready-made Templates
Add audio and videos
link Google Sheets
Host audience Q& A
Google Forms
Drag & Drop Form builder
Multiple fields types supported
Customize & brand your forms
Analyze and visualize responses
Google Keep
Take notes from anywhere
Multiple note types supported
Apply labels to notes
Keyboard shortcuts
Google Sites
Drag and drop website builder
Multiple Widgets
Embed content from Google Drive
Publish internally or externally

The following are reasons why your company should sign up for Google Workspace Essentials

1. If your company has already an existing messaging platform for emails and they are happy with it but want to use Google collaboration applications like Google Drive and Google Meet, Google Workspace Essentials would be a perfect choice since it can seamlessly integrate with other third-party vendors.

2. If your organization is under a contractual agreement with vendors like Microsoft Office 365, but on the other hand feel the need to utilize Google collaboration apps like drive, sheets, meet, etc Google Workspace Essentials would be a perfect fit since it can perfectly integrate with Microsoft Office 365.

3.if you are already a Google Cloud Platform customer and want to transition to Google Workspace all at once, and you can start with Google Workspace Essentials Collaboration tools and finally complete the switch to Gmail and Calendar.

Additional Google Workspace Essential Design Features

Google Workspace Essential seamlessly integrates with other software like Microsoft Outlook. You do not need to change your current mailing platform. For example, if your organization is currently  Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace Essentials will reduce conflict be seeing if a teammate is editing an office file and gets notified where it’s your Turn to edit files. Schedule and Join meetings directly from the Outlook Calendar.

Easily record meetings and sessions with can allow you to connect up to 250 participants and record them to your drive directly making it easy to share with other

-Another great Design feature of Google Workspace Essentials is that it enables you to directly Sync Drive Files directly from the cloud with your Mac or Pc freeing up disk space and network bandwidth

Google Workspace Essential apps will enable your organization employees to easily work from anywhere and across any device or browser. Another great feature of Google Workspace Essential is its offline capabilities. You don’t have to have an internet connection for you to create, view, and edit files in Docs, sheets, and slides. Any changes you make on while you are offline will be automatically synced as soon as you have an internet connection.

Easily Create Costume surveys and forms for your team and analyze the data instantly in Google sheets

Google Workspace Essentials Security Features

When your teams need to connect, Google Meet will deliver seamless, reliable, and simple video conferencing. Under Google Workspace Essentials you can have up to 250 participants per call and record video meetings to Google Drive for future reference. All this is done securely

If you have a fully functioning team within your organization, you can just sign for Google Workspace Essentials with your work email. This process is extremely easy and does not require any technical experience

For additional security, which will prevent unauthorized data from your company files by outsiders its advisable to verify your domain with Google. Once your domain is verified, a lot of additional security control will be available in your Google Workspace Essentials admin console.

Easy and secure access to all of your content

Google Workspace Essentials comes with Google Drive which will enable you to store, share, and access your content from any device. Your organization’s employees can utilize shared drives, where files belong to the team instead of an individual.

Compatibility with other Platforms

If your organization is already using a different emailing platform like Microsoft Outlook, and want to try and utilize the power off Google apps. Google Workspace Essentials was designed to integrate with and complement other existing technology. For example; Google Drive supports over 100 file types including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and Outlook Plugin For Google Meet enables you to create or join meetings directly from your calendar.

Getting started with Google Workspace Essentials

Pawa IT Solutions Limited in conjunction with Google is offering companies a chance to try Google Workspace Essentials.