Gain Agility by Migrating ERP Workloads to Google Cloud Infrastructure

Some of the largest manufacturing companies in Kenya and abroad undoubtedly run on SAP applications. Most of these companies usually rely on their own premise facilities to host and run the SAP applications. This poses one challenge though, running the SAP applications on-premise proves to be a very expensive affair, and finding the right talent to manage it locally can be difficult.

Modernizing your SAP infrastructure and moving to the cloud can be hard. The first step is finding a simple, cost-effective, and secure way to do it. All hope is not lost, as a company, you can take advantage of Google Cloud Platforms secure, modern, and reliable global infrastructure as well as its capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and analytics.

In this instance, as a certified Google Cloud Partner, we shall run you through some of the optimizations of running your SAP or any ERP loads/ applications onto a google cloud platform, and we shall share some of the experiences as to why and how we can be of help. But first, a few recaps.

In 2017, Google Cloud partnered with SAP to ensure that its platform would do more than just work with SAP software. With Google Cloud, SAP customers get:

–Improved security

–99.99% uptime

–Maximum agility with true pay-per-use pricing

–Seamless access to analytics and ML/AI

In 2020 at Next, Google Announced special VM machines that are specifically designed for SAP Loads optimization. If you are looking to innovate with the strength of SAP and the power of the cloud? We are here with insights on how to gain flexibility, agility, and optimization with the cloud