Gmail is “safer than UK Parliament’s email system”

 Gmail is “safer than UK Parliament’s email system”

Cyber attacks are getting more common and targeting businesses, organizations, and companies of all kinds from small businesses, government agencies, and even SMBS! One such target was the UK and Norwegian Parliament! Imagine a scenario where all your company’s emails were accessed by unauthorized personnel. Imagine losing all your strategic plans, trademarked secrets, and insider information to a rogue phisher. Imagine money ( $11m or thereabouts) being lost through payments to fictitious and bogus entities that hacked your CFO’s business email and issued “instructions” to accountants to pay them off! Well, this happened to Unatrac Holding Limited in 2018 and it could happen to any Company .

In a recent interview with the BBC, Mr. Tom Tugendhat, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Member of Parliament for Tonbridge in the UK, said that “Gmail was better than the parliament’s email system” after surviving several cyber-attacks from hackers for the past 3 years [1]. If you can also remember, the US President-elect then, the Biden Transition Administration turned to Google Workspace to manage their transition emails and collaboration due to its security!

If heavily funded institutions such as the UK parliament could be targeted by hackers, you have to think and ask, how do ordinary companies protect themselves from such imminent threats? Switching to Google Workspace will not only provide you with this kind of enhanced security that is also better than the UK parliament’s emailing system! Do not take our word for it! According to Mr. Tom Tugendhat, the chair of the US Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Gmail is ‘safer than parliament’s email system‘.

I am sure you already are well aware of the challenges of today’s business environment that are placing new demands on IT strategy, across infrastructure, applications, and data. Not to mention the security, reliability, and availability of your website, applications, and data. These are some challenges that your Legacy/shared hosting and email solutions are not well adapted to address but cloud solutions are well placed to. There is no doubt you need to adopt the cloud! That is for sure; why you ask?

  • I could tell you how your business email infrastructure could present a threat to your company in ways that would get data/IP stolen; But nothing says it better than this incident where over 60k MS Exchange servers were hacked, including ones from the European Central bank, Norway Parliament, etc.: Link:

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