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Pawa IT Solutions Limited

Physical Address

Kilimani Trade Center (Jami Bora Bank House)
Argwings Kodhek Groove, Nairobi


Postal Address

P.O Box 51641 - 00200
Nairobi, Kenya.

Contact Details

Phone: +254 778 072282
Mobile: +254 717 845316‬‬

Choose your G Suite edition. Get Started with a FREE 30 Day Trial

G Suite has simple  and straightforward billing, regardless of the size of the organization.There is no special and different billing for organizational sizes and number of users


Professional office suite with 30GB storage

$6Per month, per user


  • Business email through Gmail
  • Video and voice conferencing
  • Shared calendars
  • Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • 24/7 support by phone, email, and online
  • Security and administration controls
  • 30GB cloud storage


Enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving

$12Per month, per user


  • ALL features in Basic
  • Unlimited cloud storage (or 1TB per user if fewer than 5 users)
  • Smart search across G Suite with Cloud Search
  • Archive and set retention policies for emails and chats
  • eDiscovery for emails, chats, and files
  • Audit reports to track user activity


Premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities

$25Per month, per user


  • ALL features in Business
  • Data loss prevention for Gmail
  • Data loss prevention for Drive
  • Hosted S/MIME for Gmail
  • Integrate Gmail with compliant third-party archiving tools
  • Enterprise-grade access control with security key enforcement
  • Gmail log analysis in BigQuery

Questions about pricing

A user needs a license to use a Google service. For example, a user must have a license for G Suite before they can use Gmail, Google Drive, or any other G Suite tool. A user can have a license for more than one service. Multiple users can’t share a single G Suite license, even if they don’t use all of the tools.

A Company choosing to move to G Suite , on any SKU, can choose 1 of 2 available G Suite billing plans. The billing terms define how the company would commit and make payments.

Flexible Plan

We will bill you monthly for each user license.

You can add and remove accounts at any time and pay only for the accounts you use during that month.

You can cancel service at any time without penalty.

You can upgrade/change SKUs without any impact

Annual Plan

We will bill you a discounted rate.

You commit, by contract,  to paying a full year’s subscription for your team or company.

If your team grows, you can purchase more licenses and your monthly rate goes up.

You can ONLY  reduce licenses or monthly payments when renewing your plan at the end of the year.

If you cancel your subscription before the year is up, you still pay for the full year.

You can make payments Monthly, Quarterly bi-annual or one time

A user is defined as one personalized email address (you@yourcompany). Group email aliases such as sales@yourcompany and support@yourcompany are included in pricing and don’t count as additional users

YES; As a Partner, we provide partner services to make it easier for you to ease into G Suite. Such services include Technical Deployment, Data migration,  Change Management, Solutions integration Training and support to name but a few

Our partner services meant to help you make the most of G Suite as fast as possible while also transferring our knowhow to your team and IT for self management.

Partner services are priced separately from the standard license costs.

Contact us for more information

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