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Pawa IT Solutions Limited

Physical Address

Kilimani Trade Center (Jami Bora Bank House)
Argwings Kodhek Groove, Nairobi


Postal Address

P.O Box 51641 - 00200
Nairobi, Kenya.

Contact Details

Phone: +254 778 072282
Mobile: +254 717 845316‬‬

G suite Value Proposition

The benefits to your Business

Our G Suite Value Proposition for your organization is based on the most important aspects of the business that are available within G Suite. This is an exploration of the strategic and important aspects of G Suite that would greatly help your business.

Deployment Support

A helping hand all the way through

With our in-house G Suite Deployment Engineers, we will manage all your G SUite deployment needs ranging from user and group provisioning, setting up your domain technical configurations and just making sure you are running smoothly on G SUite.

All of this while taking charge at how you want your company to access and manage your data – If you want to access your G SUite email via MS Outlook, well we shall make it happen; If you need to manage all employee devices and have ability to wipe out data in case its stolen or lost, we are happy to make that happen.

Data Migration

You won't lose your old emails

We have migrated thousands of user inboxes from varied mail services to G Suite and we know how this process can be painful and yet crucial. With our experience and technical skills, we are able to help move your user data from legacy system such as webmails, MS PST/Outlook files or any email provider so that all your users have their data in a single place. You also gain the ability to manage your users and data when there data is in a single location and not fragmentation across computers or devices.

Management and Reduction of License

Reduce expenses and increase on revenue

Many organizations are buying licenses they would ordinarily not need for G Suite or for other competitive products such as O365 make you pay than they would need.

G Suite in itself, has legal and clever methods that can be implemented to reduce the number of licenses an organization would buy hence saving on costs. Our proposal to manage and reduce on license while maintaining the same level of communication and production would involve the use of a feature that allows for creating alternative email addresses to users that can send and receive emails through a main user’s inbox at no extra cost called Gmail Aliases.

For instance, let us assume the company has over 10 branches or departments and each have an email address such as This department addresses are accessed by the manager who as well has a unique email address such as We can create up to 30 aliases accounts per user and hence offer substantial savings on license charges.

This feature could save the organization license costs ranging from 10-40%

Systems Integration

We are able to develop software solutions that integrate G Suite with your existing enterprise solutions. Some of the integration solutions we propose include;

1. SSO integration with existing LDAP such MS Active Directory:
SSO integration with LDAP allows for provisioning and managing of users, groups, calendar resources etc. within the MS AD. MS AD becomes the single place that provisions and manages access other resources within the company including Google. Users will sign into their G Suite and any other services using their MS AD credentials and similarly, users can be deleted, de-provisioned and suspended only on MS AD and the same would apply in G Suite. The beauty of SSO is that other systems and platforms can make use of the same MS AD credentials avoiding the need for users to manage multple passwords and usernames that could compromise the company. This way, IT Admins and resources can focus on securing a single point of vulnerability.

2. Develop Portals and intranets based on Google Sites:
These can be very useful for functions such as; Company Intranets, Teaching/Learning Resource Center, Project/Team Sites etc

3. Develop custom business solutions and integrations;
These can include Pay slip Automations Emailer, CRM integration, etc

Post-Deployment Services

1. Groups and collaborative inboxes:
We shall create groups for teams and functions. With groups, users can easily communicate with their departments, teams, and other special-interest groups. They can also create groups that people outside your organization can send messages to – ideal for your customer service, support, and sales teams. Users can manage their own group memberships and even create their own groups.

2. Managing users and creating an organizational structure:
We shall create organizational units beneath your top-level organization then move users and devices to that sub-organization. With organization units, users and services can optimally be managed with settings being applied to certain organization units as fits with companies’ information policies.

3. Mobile devices:
Managing and working with mobile devices issued by the company. Any device issued by Client would be able to be remotely wiped if managed in the Admin Console.

4.Set up printers, scanners and third party apps: Need to configure all available printers to running on the network to be able to allow print,scan and send scan via email. Each Printer has a license or is an account within G Suite.

Security Management / Measures

G Suite has a wide array of security features that serve to protect the organization from threats posed to email. In addition to the default email encryption and https enforcement for access of your organization email, which protects your email from being intercepted by intruders, there are additional slightly sophisticated measures that make your organization email and data even more watertight and protected.

Some of the security measures we shall put in place include:

1. Encryption:
All data in G Suite Gmail and Google Drive are by default encrypted on transit and on rest. Two Step Verification (2FA/2SV); Enable for use across organization or particular OUs.

2. Password Enforcing and Monitoring:
Make sure your users are usng a strong password and monitor it for malicious access or intrusions.

3. Activity Auditing:
Enable and enforce G Suite Sends admins notifications and where possible, blocks an account if it suspects it has been accessed by suspicious users by way of new IPs etc.

4. Spamming Control: Gmail has a strong inbuilt anti-spamming that reduces up to 99% of spam. Train ICT to whitelist/blacklist domains. Also train to show users to mark as spam from inbox.

5. Phishing and Spoofing Control: Deploying SPF, DKIM, and DMARC policies that would make it impossible for one to forge emails from your domain. This would do away with such threats.

6. Manage Data Sharing through Google Drive: Manage data sharing or external and internal parties. Train users on the various sharing options within Google Drive.

Training and Support

At PawaIT, we aspire to help our customers transform how they work using G Suite. Many organizations purchase G Suite to enhance employees’ productivity; however, these goals depend on employees’ ability and desire to change the way they work.

Change management support is essential – not just leading up to the launch of G Suite, but in the months following the transition, when employees are actually using the products and in need of support and guidance.

This Service Offering is intended to be provided as part of the post-deployment change management plan. By focusing on productivity rather than product training, we hope to:

1. Pique users’ interests by featuring how G Suite can provide solutions to everyday work challenges;
2. Empower more employees to use the full Apps suite within their daily work;
3. Build employees’ G Suite’ proficiency; and
Enable a broader culture of collaboration.

To do this, we package a product training sessions with an organization employees at their site. Our productivity training sessions are hands on and fun. We work and demonstrate productivity and collaboration within G Suite as we interact and engage with your employees.

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