M-Pawa Graduate Trainee Program

Founded in 2013, Pawa IT Solutions is a Google Cloud Solutions provider for more than 300 businesses across Africa. As a Google Cloud Partner for Africa, we deliver the promise and delight of Google Cloud to businesses and organizations across Africa such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Workspace, and Google Education. We are passionate about our customers and the Google cloud tech space. We do our best to make our customers make the best of it.

Do you want to...

M-Pawa Graduate Trainee

Be in the next generation of Business and Tech Leaders?

M-Pawa Graduate Trainee

Develop into your best self?

M-Pawa Graduate Trainee

Meet and work with a group of diverse and motivated people?

M-Pawa Graduate Trainee

Revolutionize how work is done in the 21st Century through tech?

If you said YES to any of these descriptors, then we want YOU to join the M-Pawa Graduate Trainee Program

Program Overview

Our 12-month M-Pawa Graduate Trainee Program is recruiting individuals for the following teams: Customer Success, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Cloud And Engineering. The program will have a probationary 3-month period whereby a select group will then proceed to complete the program for the remaining 9 months. Successful applicants within the program will be converted to full-time employees.

What does the program look like

Application Process

M-Pawa Graduate Trainee Application Process
  1. Online Application: Aug 10th – Sept 2nd
  2. Shortlisting and Interview Scheduling: By Sept 9th
  3. On-site Interview: By Sept 23rd
  4. Final Selection and Placement: By Sept 30th
  5. Your first day at work: Oct 4th

Available opportunities