Benefits Of Google Cloud Platform to Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and medium enterprises are embracing the use of Google Cloud technology. The flexibility and scalability of the Google Cloud Platform has attracted small and medium enterprises. Another attribute to this shift is COST. Most small and medium enterprises are price sensitive. Shifting all of their IT needs to the cloud reduces the heavy investment in procuring on-premise equipment and finding the right personnel to run them. 

Security is another major concern why many more businesses are fully embracing the Google Cloud Platform. The platforms make it easier to implement and configure and also outfitted with modern services such as analytics and containerization. Let have a look at a few benefits GCP to small and medium enterprises;

Affordable Easy to use Cloud Computing services 

Most traditional on-premise environments are complex and expensive to manage. Companies not only have to invest in infrastructure upfront but also assume full responsibility for maintenance and operations. This usually includes applying security updates and ensuring uptime and availability.

This situation however is a headache to most small and medium enterprises . First, this is because they have limited resources to invest in the required equipment secondly finding the right personnel to manage the systems will prove to be a challenge.

Google Cloud Platform allows for a more manageable setup by shifting responsibility to the provider to handle many important tasks. They also provide simpler cost management with pooled resources on demand for a subscription fee.GCP provides per-second billing that saves SMBs the trouble and expense of pre-purchasing capacity without being able to predict their actual needs.

Comprehensive Security and data management 

Moving your companies workload into the cloud creates real security challenges in managing data access and control, keeping this in mind, a breach in cloud security comes at a high cost. A single data breach can compromise sensitive records, whose recovery procedure might turn out to be expensive. Small and medium enterprises need Cloud security which is robust and trustworthy. Google Cloud Platform offers multilayered security based on custom hardware. It also provides default encryption   to prevent unauthorized access 

Intuitive and navigable interface 

GCP provides Small and Medium enterprises with an intuitive and easily navigable interface. Here the preference is for services that deliver all the necessary functionality with an easy-to-use interface that is affordable.

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