Benefits of using G Suite to Air industries.

Many airline companies both domestic and International ones you have teams located and working in different locations. Effective and timely communication is so key to not only your industry’s standards but also for your business continuity. Some additional industry requisites that are critical for your business include; security, data retention, and most importantly faster collaboration!

No airline knows best of this requisite than AirBus that went with Google Cloud a few years ago because it needed to enhance and re-imagine its collaboration and security from the ground up! As both the Airbus CEO and CIO confirmed in an interview. Airbus ditched Microsoft for G Suite because G Suite is built from the ground for Collaboration. Airbus CIO Said: Google’s G Suite was “built from the ground up for collaboration, while Airbus CEO described this as a “major change”, “designed to improve cooperation between employees, letting them access data from anywhere, at any time and on any device.” This will, “break down silos with Google-Powered search,” he assured staff.

It is easy to see why major Airlines, globally and regionally, are following the Airbus shift of adop[ting Google Cloud for enhanced collaboration, security, and compliance. AirAsia, All Nippon Airways, Air Tanzania, Coastal Aviation, Aberdair Aviation, etc have all adopted Google Cloud solutions starting off with G Suite!

And even as Google works towards a great and close-knit integration of its Enterprise collaboration suite of products in G Suite together, collaboration and team engagements have really been taken to the next level. In a recent update, Google has made a transformative move towards integrating messaging, video chat, shared file access, virtual meeting rooms, real-time collaboration, and more directly into Gmail, turning it into an all-in-one productivity suite. Gmail now stands apart from any rival email service. And what’s more, these upgrades are at the moment only being rolled out and prioritized to businesses that use G Suite!

Just like Airbus, companies adopting G Suite agree that the ease of collaboration, management, and adding the security stack that runs and maintains Google multibillion cloud products offers peace of mind. What’s more, Google Cloud tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Meet already have great familiarity and adoption to over 90% of employees, so the change is really a smooth one. So whatever your needs may be, G Suite tools could and would really be a great way to bring your teams together all while delivering the much-needed workplace transformation

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