Feature comparison between Google Meet Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The demand for video conferencing tools has risen sharply since the beginning of the year. This is highly attributed to the ongoing pandemic. When it comes to video conferencing there is no shortage of options for keeping people connected. Remote working and learning are some of the trends that are emerging and they are likely to be fully embraced in the future.

Google, Zoom, and Microsoft are three of the biggest industry players when it comes to collaboration and productivity tools such as Video Conferencing.

Google contribution to   this is Google meet, the video meeting tool that combines with Google Chat to provide an easy mode of communication 

At Pawa IT Solutions we have been receiving queries by various businesses and educational institutions on the best tool to use to facilitate online learning and remote working. As Google Cloud partners in Africa, we have deployed and enrolled many organizations to harness the power of Google Meet – which can either be acquired as a standalone license or a bundled product in G Suite.

We decided to prepare a feature comparison between Google meet and other video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams and zoom. The comparison aims to show you the user the various strengths of each platform and why many businesses and educational institutions prefer to Google Meet to the other.


Feature Comparison

Price – 6 usd month 

Free for everyone to use 

No additional fee for call-in participants 

Comes with real-time collaboration tools 

Works on all platforms and browsers 

Highly Encrypted meetings 

File and screen sharing

Support up to 100,000 people  for live streaming in enterprise SKU.

Price -5 $ per user per month 

They come with basic tools for free 

Secure meetings 

Up to 10,00 participants for live streaming 

File and screen sharing

-In-line transcription and translation

-File and screen sharing




Price 15 usd per user per month 

It comes with basic collaboration tools. 

Connects to conferencing equipment. 

Host up to 500 people.

Works with all operating systems including Linux.

-Free account available 



From the comparison above you can see which platform offers the best value for money while delivering exceptional services. Google meeting was designed with the user in mind hence its easy for individuals and organizations to adapt and get used to its features quickly.

Also Google meet can integrate with other third-party apps such as Microsoft outlook. Users can schedule, create, and join the meeting directly from their outlook account without necessarily having a g suite or a Gmail account.

At  Pawa IT solutions we are currently giving a chance to organizations and individuals who are interested in trying out Google Meet a  chance to do so.

This offer will also enable organizations to enjoy other G Suite core products such as  Google sheets, docs, vaults, and forms. The trial period for this offer will run until 30 September

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