How Cloud Computing Enables Modern Manufacturing

The impact of COVID- 19 has greatly impacted the manufacturing industry, which most time relies on heavily skilled labor and hands-on workers and complex supply chain metrics.

The current situation has compelled manufacturers to highlight important issues facing their employees which includes social distancing, and remote work. during this time it’s important for manufacturers to increase their agility and digitization of their supply chains and operations. Here is how Google Cloud could help businesses resume fully under new norms;

Enabling automation within the Google Cloud Platform. 

Many manufacturing firms are already experiencing a decrease in workforce capacity and resources. Manufacturers face tough questions around how to quickly navigate this new phenomenon and develop new operating procedures and automation initiatives that enable them to adapt quickly and enable their employees to safely work on site. With Google Cloud, this can be done running your internal SAP systems or any other Customer Relationship Management Software on the platform. GCP provides ;

  • Per second billing and pay as you go for computing and storage and flexible innovative pricing and for all types of workloads and application use cases.
  • The platform will enable you to save money by running the most cost-optimized cloud machines from Google with over 30 % Savings.
  • Finally, you can be able to deploy within seconds your critical Operations systems such as ERP onto Google Cloud and take advantage of the high availability and disaster recovery.

Once your system is fully deployed on Google Cloud Platform your firm can use various tools with the platform to automate various processes that would require human interaction for example inspection of goods, quality and compliance, etc 

Supporting remote work with Google Meet.

Google Meet, is a secure video meeting solution that will help manufacturers hold daily meetings, training, and onboarding without the need to be on-site, while G Suite tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides let teams collaborate on document authoring remotely. Google Meet can also assist with virtual training and the safe and secure onboarding of new hires.

Managing volatility in supply and demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global supply chains and distribution channels. Now more than ever, accurately forecasting demand and optimizing supply in this continuously evolving environment requires integrating data from multiple sources and analyzing it in real-time. It’s a job analytical tool like BigQuery were designed for. By applying smart analytics and AI, manufacturers can better predict demand and adapt their operations to meet it.

Optimizing IT spending 

Moving to the cloud is an important way businesses can optimize their technology spend and find new efficiencies.  For manufacturers, this can translate into more customers served, more issues resolved, and more adaptability for the overall business. The cloud offers the potential for drastically reduced data costs and infrastructure savings, plus increased performance, simplicity, and scalability across IT environments.  The cloud can support manufacturers in many ways, from improving safety to weathering market uncertainties to preparing for the future. 

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