G Suite offers a great way to enforce Organization email controls such as Date protection and Compliance. But, this same Content Compliance could be used to "save time" and cost for backup operations where costs are limited. See how a content compliance rule can be used to

G Suite Auto Backup User Email Data with Content Compliance Rule

G Suite Hack AutoBackup User Email Data with Content Compliance Rule


I trust you are well and the team? Working from home as ourselves? I thought I should share this hack/update that could be really useful for you and the team. No April 1st prank here: hahahahaha 🙂


Backup with Content Compliance

We could create a set of Advanced rules, where all emails that are Received, or Sent by  ALL users in either one of, or all of the domains, a copy can be sent/made to the backup Account for Audit, Internal Compliance, etc. This is a routing control called Content Compliance in G Suite. This way, when a user leaves/is suspended, you never have to worry about the data being lost because a copy of it is available in the backup Account, well protected and secured should add? You would then only have to back up this Account and you have all your users’ email data backed up. SWEET right?

Content Compliance Testing in Gmail [Visual Guide]

How Content Compliance Works

We create a condition (IF statement) stating if “@yourdomain.com” is found in the message “header”, (which is almost 100% for all emails sent/received to users into your domain); then match the condition, and perform some additional actions. If your requirement is a bit complex, you may also use regex expressions to define your criteria.

We then add more recipients using the content compliance routing rules to add the email id/user upon meeting the criteria set above. We can set criteria for what emails to be Inbound, Outbound, and Internal (sending and receiving), as well as perform additional actions such as strip it off attachments. This new account/recipient would act as a backup for all user accounts email addresses. This would work across all G Suite SKU and for any number of users.

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