Gain in Costs and Speed by moving SAP/ERP to GCP?

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Agile, secure deployment enables high uptime and increased performance VM storage expansion — allows users to specify exact storage required with individual disks up to 64TB in size Discounts — for sustained usage of up to 30% saving without upfront commitments or planning Global VPC network — enables a single Google Cloud VPC to span multiple regions without communicating across the public Internet Zero downtime maintenance — with live VM migration.

Innovate for intelligence with Google Cloud’s recognized leadership in data analytics and AI/ML technologies ML insights for data warehouses — enables users to build ML models and use ML algorithms on BigQuery Data Warehouse using SQL queries.

Choose hybrid or multi-cloud with simple upgrades customized to your business Customizable virtual machines — let users specify the exact number of vCPUs and RAM required Hybrid / multi-cloud — (without lock-in) to customize your transformation journey

GCP has a number of additional technical capabilities that increase the benefits of running SAP S/4HANA in the cloud which includes.

1.SAP to GCP migration; seamless auto cloud migration, upgrading SAP apps, and building an agile and secure environment alongside the delivery of analytics and machine learning capabilities which are all supported by a full suite of cloud services.

2.The upgrade process can be done in days/weeks not months depending on the number of applications with minimal risk due to auto-provisioning availability and disaster recovery functionality.

3.GCP enables organizations to run SAP faster with greater scalability, security and system availability, and optimal performance.


Case and Common FAQs on Google Cloud Platform


          .Starter; Backup and retention of Data on Google Cloud Platform.

           Testing the waters. Disaster recovery on Google Cloud Platform.

2.Can you help me upgrade without any complications? Google Cloud offers an upgrade path with easy migration tools, flexible scaling, and fully hybrid infrastructure. What’s more, we’ll also make sure that support is available every step of the way. As a result, you’ll be able to deploy a modern cloud platform for all your key SAP applications. can be done to ensure a cost-efficient deployment? Our solution offers sustained user discounts when running VM workloads (up to 30% for instances running an entire month), and automatic discounts on instances running more than 25% of days in a month. Google Cloud also delivers pay per-second billing and support for right-sizing all the cores and memory you’ll need to be effective.

4.Where can I find expert support for my migration project? As a Google Cloud Partner, we’ve proven expertise in helping clients plan a seamless migration of their SAP applications to Google Cloud. We do this through IT strategy, change management, and solution

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