Google Meet Quality Tools and Insights

Google Meet Quality Tool offers Insights that are Amazing

Tucked away and less known to company admins is a tool called Google Meet Quality tool. This tool gives an organization using G Suite very interesting and important stats, both technically and “productivity”

Org Admins can collect insights at how bad/good the network is for users as they make video calls and check also on the volume and duration of video calls daily to make a call on network management. But the best part is the measure of frequency, duration, participants/employees spend on video calls. This can be a metric of productivity or lack of!

For instance, I was shocked to find myself I recently spent 5hrs, 26 minutes on a single video call! Ridiculous as this seems this is true! I was training at a very exciting School. I doubt I was any productive at all on this day!! You can of course filter by call ids, users, etc and get very exciting metrics when you drill down on the individual meetings such as ;

General Outlook on Org level Meetings; Number, Duretaions, number of people, network performance, etc

You can of course filter for users in your organization and get general outlook metrics about each users meetings


The Real Ice on the cake


But the best insights start to come in when you drill into each meeting and get to get very exciting meet inside insights. Here is a cross-section in my 5 hrs 26 minutes call 🙂

Not only do you get to see/know, How many participants were in the meeting, but you start to get a clear picture of the meeting progression and activities such as who was on MUTE, who shared screen, all across the timelines of the meeting!


See how, how Screen Sharing  was done and other nerdy stuff like FPS sent etc



See how, when Participants were on MUTE


The stuff of Nerds: Network Performance, Video and Audio Rates, etc


Here is where the stuff of nerds in networks and media come into play. You can gather insights on the network and video, audio performance such as;

Network and CPU Performance for Different users. See how this meeting “chewed my CPU” at 45%, damn!


My Video, frequency, resolutions were received by each user and so much more


My Audio, frequency, resolutions were received by each user and so much more


The metrics are simply inexhaustible,  and the best part is, can be downloaded. 

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