Our G Suite PSO Advisory Services

Much more than just G Suite Licenses and Reselling

Licence and Cost Management

Many organizations are buying licenses they would not need (if using G suite) for another similar products like office 365 which makes their cost of operations more than they anticipated. G Suite in itself has legal and clever methods that can be implemented to reduce the number of licenses an organization would buy hence saving costs.

As Google cloud partners, we shall help you manage and reduce on licenses while maintening the same level of communication and production.

Workplace Transformation

The objective of our PSO Advisory service is to engage your business by inspiring users to innovate on their day-to-day business processes using the new tools provided, with hands-on labs, scaled solutions, and dedicated technical advisory. This service will help align overall business goals and drive change in legacy behavior over time.

This service offering is critical to helping customers to be more successful with Google by maximizing their ROI and increasing their users’ productivity and satisfaction. As your service partner, this offering will be key to helping us extend our relationship with you as our customer and building long term solution-based engagements .

Enhanced Technical support

We shall offer a customized, non- transactional support tailored to you, at any time you will require expedient and customized answers to product issues and bugs. After a proper understanding of your own environment as a G suite partner, we shall provide enhanced technical support for yourG Suite platform. This allows a customized and tailored approach to providing support where internal support teams also benefit from advice, consultancy and training on support best practices.

We shall offer expert management of routine administrative tasks on your G Suite domain. This helps our customers get more effective and efficient support, customized by our familiarity with your environment and users.

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Our PSO Advisory Services

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