Rebrand from G Suite to Google Workspace:

Rebrand from G Suite to Google Workspace what will happen to our plan?

On October 6th 2020, Google rebranded its suite of collaboration and communication from G Suite to Google Workspace. With Google Workspace, we’re introducing three major developments. See Blog Post HERE

What’s Changing

These changes took/will start to take effect gradually from 01 April 2021, all Customers currently on the G Suite plan, now called legacy  G Suite will be transitioned to the new Google Workspace Plans. Notably, customers to be impacted are customers on the following categories

G Suite Business Plan- legacy; and using Google vault and UNLIMITED storage

If you are on G Suite Business  Plan, you need to review the trade of between the most important business features/needs. Specifically, review the usage/need for the following apps and stand advised to the best transition plan that would serve these needs as follows;

  • Storage; Review all storage needs, especially if you have users/accounts with more than 2 TB. If storage is a major consideration, review the caps and see if Business Standard, with 2 TB/user would suffice your needs for a visa viz budget. 
  • Google Meet record: If meetings need to have more than 100 users and recording is the most important consideration, then Business Standard would suffice against budget constraints.
  • Google Vault: If retention and eDiscovery needs are critical, you have to consider moving to Business Plus or combine some plans, making sure to buy Vault as a standalone to the subset of users who need Vault/retention

Customers on G Suite Basic and Business Plans with more than 300 Users

There is a LIMIT to the number of seats /users that be purchased on Business Plans of 300. If you had more than 300 users and were on G Suite Basic or Business Plan, you will be impacted and forced to the higher Enteprsuie Plan. However, some customers will get CAP exceptions that would need Google Approval. We can help with these requests and CAP exception requests and it takes about 2 weeks to be mindful of your renewal timelines

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long would our agreement remain unaffected with our current plan?

All existing customers under a committed contract for 1,2 or 3 years will remain unaffected by the new Google Workspace rebrand. All such companies will remain with their existing plan and features until the end of their contract.

2. What is the impact at the end of our committed contract?

If your contract renewal falls within these dates, here is the impact review: 

  • Before 31 March 2021: At the end of the existing contract all the customers on the Legacy G Suite Basic or Business SKUs will have an option to self migrate to any Google Workspace plan of a similar or higher price and feature plan. Customers can still choose to renew their Legacy plans for another commitment for the same features and price.
  • After 31st March 2021: All existing Legacy G Suite Plans that are not under a committed contract will automatically be renewed on the corresponding Google Workspace Plans. The mapping would mostly be based on price and where some features are likely to be lost, such as Google Vault, communication would be sent.  Customers will not have a choice to renew on the old G Suite Legacy plans. 
  • If you are on the unique PDL plan mixing the G Suite Basic and Business Plan, no impact is expected until the end of your contract commitment.

3. In terms of the SKU changes, what would the comparison of the new package be?

  • G Suite Basic plan and the New Google Workspace Business starter plan are nearly the same. While the price point remains the same, there are a few changes in the feature sets. Business starter does not allow users to chat with external participants or create room and invite external participants. See Transitions Paths and impact on applications/features
  • G Suite Business plan aligns with the closest to the new Google Workspace Business Standard or Google Workspace Business Plus plans ( depending on price Vs features ). By default, upgrade/switch would be determined by the feature usage and need such as ; if the users have  Google Vault in use and have used more than 2TB of data, customers will be migrated to Google Workspace Plus. If not, Google Workspace Standard
  • G Suite Enterprise Plan will be auto-migrated to the Google Workspace Enterprise Plus plan. Customers can choose to downgrade to Enterprise Standard.

4. What is the Google Recommended Upgrade Path

The recommended destination SKUs are as follows (depends on the customer’s subscription):

Legacy G Suite SKUEquivalent Workspace SKU
G Suite Basic (> 300 seats)Workspace Enterprise Standard
G Suite Basic (< 300 seats)Workspace Business Standard
G Suite Business (> 300 seats)Workspace Enterprise Standard
G Suite Business (< 300 seats)Workspace Business Plus

5. Is there another/partenr alternative path?

If Budget is a major consideration, customers will have the option to Upgrade/downgrade their plans with some trade-offs. We have made the impact of such tradeoffs that would help organziations with the transitions.

Legacy G Suite PlanGoogle Workspace PlanNotes
G Suite BasicGoogle Workspace StarterChats will be available for internal use only
G Suite BusinessGoogle Business StandardVault feature to be lost. UNLIMITED to be transitioned to 2 TB
G Suite EnterpriseG Suite Enterprise PlusUpgraded features such as AppSheet. Price change