Manage Your DigitalOcean Droplets/ VM with Pawa IT Solutions Limited

Knock out obstacles, complexity of managing your cloud and save your precious hours of your business

Simplifying Scalability and Advocating Agility

Empowering business with easy DigitalOcean server and app management for maximum efficiency.

Deploy Droplets in Minutes

Swiftly deploy DigitalOcean servers and never worry about the technical aspect.

Manage DigitalOcean Servers Efficiently

Hassle-free DigitalOcean server management for productive teams.

Experience Optimized Performance

Advanced and pre-configured cache technologies for a remarkable website experience.


We shall help you migrate your web app to DigitalOcean Server

Our team of experts has experience in migrating thousands of websites effortlessly without any downtime. They always ensure that your website works flawlessly on our DigitalOcean’s server. We’ll move all the required files and databases from your old cloud provider to your new managed DigitalOcean cloud server with us.

Benefits of Fully Managed DigitalOcean Cloud

Improved security

With the real-time monitoring of your server, there are fewer chances of any threat affecting your server. This gives you a complete     peace of mind as your server will be secure when it’s with us.

Increase productivity

Of course, spending less time on managing your server ultimately means spending more time on doing what you are good at- growing your business. You can increase your revenue and productivity by investing the time you saved.

Reduced resource cost

Hiring an in-house system admin and DBA to take care of your cloud server may not be feasible from the financial point of view. Rather, leaving the server management task to us would be more affordable as we have a skillful and experienced team for it.

Cost and time saving

Time is money. Thus, spending time on critical tasks such as managing the server won’t benefit your business. Instead, handing over this task to server management experts will help you focus on your venture.

Managed and Unmanaged DigitalOcean Cloud

Managed Cloud

  • A technical expert manages your complete server.
  • The system admin is responsible for all the configuration and management of your cloud server.
  • Technical assistance will be provided for any of the technical issues.
  • Server monitoring task is taken care by the technical experts

Unmanaged Cloud

  • Requires more technical knowledge about command line and servers.
  • Complete configuration/ initial setup of the server and later server management needs to be done by you.
  • In case a technical issue arises, you need to troubleshoot the problem in order to resolve.
  • Server monitoring needs to be done manually.

Start fast with 1-Click App stacks

Manually installing and configuring your managed service’s dependencies can take hours or even days. With DigitalOcean Marketplace 1-Click Apps, you can easily deploy common frameworks, so you can get your managed service up and running faster than ever.

We shall Help You Make Your DigitalOcean Journey Successful

Complete Management

Our system admins will proactively take charge of your cloud server and safeguard them. This will help you save your time and energy required to manage it on your own. Instead, you can utilize your time in running and boosting your business.

Expert Advice

Our cloud experts will guide you through the selection of an appropriate plan based on your website requirement.

System monitoring

We will monitor the resources of your DigitalOcean server such as CPU and bandwidth regularly. This lets us make sure your website doesn’t get crashed when sudden traffic spikes your site. Our team keeps a close watch on all the incoming website traffic.

Server maintenance

With vast experience of server maintenance, Pawa IT can manage all the daily operations and maintenance of your server. We ensure the server runs smoothly without any hassles and there are no technical errors that may affect your website.

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