Cytonn PLC leverages Google Workspace to stay ahead

Pawa IT Solutions provided the deployment and technical services support, enabling and supporting the Cytonn team to make and realize optimal value of their Google Workspace and save on costs.

The challenge

Right from its inception, Cytonn PLC has always sort to stay ahead of the traditional way the financial industry operated. With over 500 employees across the USA and Kenya, Cytonn needed a true solution that would power its operations and empower its staff to collaborate and deliver its innovative products in a fast-moving industry.

The solution

Working with Pawa IT Solutions, Cytonn was able to choose Google Workspace for its robust applications and capabilities that met its needs such as Google Meet, Google Shared Drives, Google Vault, and Drive Editors. With Google Workspace, Cytonn PLC improves workflow efficiency, reduces travel costs, and is able to better compete with newer and older players in the financial services industry.

The results

Collaboration and communications have never been as important and critical as they are to Cytonn teams. Over 500 employees collaborate daily using Google Docs, Sheets, and Chat to quickly deliver innovative financial products to its customer base of mostly young and savvy investors. Access to data is easy and yet and easy to manage. Cytonn is staying ahead and winning through Google Workspace

About Cytonn PLC

Cytonn PLC is an independent investments management firm with offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and Metropolitan Washington, DC, United States of America.
Industry: Financial Services
Primary project location: Kenya

About Pawa IT Solutions

Pawa IT Solutions, a Google Cloud Partner for Africa delivers the promise and delight of Google Cloud solutions for businesses and organization across Africa.

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