Secure collaboration with Google Workspace

About Standard Investment Bank


Standard Investment Bank (SIB) is one of Kenya’s largest indigenous investment banks with shareholders’ funds at above KES. 750 Million, and a proven track record executing large, complex transactions on behalf of both local and foreign clients.

The challenge

Initially, SIB was using G Suite Basic. When the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated remote work, a subset of users needed to be allocated additional storage plans ranging from 50GB to 1TB. This drove the company’s costs upwards. The firm also needed a way to enhance security and protect its data against the backdrop of the transition.

The solution: Secure collaboration with Google Workspace

In January 2021, SIB was able to choose and deploy a blend of two distinct Google Workspace plans; placing some users on Google Workspace Business Standard with Shared Drives and 2TB Storage while some on Google Workspace Business Starter Plan using a scenario called PDL. While following security best practices, Pawa IT’s team deployed advanced configurations within the client’s Google Workspace domain that enabled the organization to achieve secure collaboration with Google Workspace. The Standard Investment Bank team mitigated the risks and threats associated with remote working for over 120 employees.

The results

The secure collaboration with Google Workspace tools such as Google Meet and Shared Drives enabled employees to collaborate effectively while working remotely, reduced costs for the firm and led to an 18.75% return on investment for one of its flagship products.

"When deciding who to do business with, 10 times out of 10, I will go with a service provider like Pawa IT Solution that can provide bespoke, inexpensive solutions."
Collins Mekubo
Head of Technology, Standard Investment Bank