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Our Work Transformation Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Program stands as a Testament to what we do best; transform workplaces

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As Google Cloud Partner for Africa, we deliver a connected, smart, more intuitive set of tools through Google Cloud that empower teams to do their best work. We are passionate about our customers and the Google cloud tech space. We do our best to make our customers make the best of it.

Digital Workplace

Reimagine how your business works by powering teams to be faster, smarter, and more collaborative than ever before.

Business Transformation

Opportunity to leverage the cloud for its functionality, scalability, security, and affordability.

Partner-led Transition

The necessary expertise to migrate your data without disruption and transition your teams to the cloud with ease


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Work transformation with Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) offers a more integrated and intelligent, cloud-based digital workplace that enables teams to live in a connected cloud providing for: collaboration; intelligent productivity; connected knowledge; and secure manageability.


Adopt real-time collaboration amongst teams to get work done; whether that's drawing up a contract, managing a budget, or building a presentation with an external agency. Work together, faster to solve problems and complete tasks and reach a quicker consensus by seeing edits as others type, giving feedback seamlessly through built-in chat and asking questions in comments. Remote working is the new normal with distributed teams feeling more engaged because they can collaborate whenever and from wherever.

Connected Knowledge

Leverage Google Cloud Search to help employees access company information faster. Rely on the power of Google Workspace to reduce redundancy and duplicative work by increasing the visibility of ongoing projects. View and collaborate on company resources with Google Workspace's file sharing. Cut back on time spent granting file access to individual members.

Intelligent productivity

Google Workspace uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate your teams' repetitive tasks- scheduling, searching, organizing- that get in the way of real work. Empower every employee by simplifying their meeting management with Calendar; enabling data analytics with Sheets to surface actionable insights; integrating add-ons or pre-built solutions from enterprise apps like Salesforce for a seamless workflow; utilizing Quick Access in Drive to ease the search process based on prior behaviour.

Secure manageability

Google Workspace streamlines authentication, asset protection, and operational control in one easy to use console. Reduce your organization's reliance on 3rd-party services with admins maintain full visibility with centralized device and identity management plus access to advanced controls, auditing capabilities and proactive security recommendations to minimize risk.

Our Partners and Customers

Make sense of the Cloud with the Pawa IT Google Cloud Academies

The Pawa IT Academy seeks to provide exclusive, top-tier cloud computing tips and hacks for organizations that want to solve their businesses’ toughest challenges using Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

Participating organizations will get unbelievable discounts upon attendance and contract signing:

  • $ 1000 dollars worth of GCP credits for your organization.
  • The opportunity to cut down your Google Cloud expenditure by 10% within 6 months.
  • 10% off for any transfer of a minimum of 25 Google Workspace seats upon signing of a 1-year contract