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At Pawa IT Solutions, we deliver the promise and offerings of Cloud to business through a wide variety of Cloud Computing offerings, including G Suite, Zoho Workplace, Google Cloud Platform(GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We help organizations transform and reinvent their workplace by delivering our excellent Partner Solution offerings such as Technical Consulting, Deployment, Migration, Training as well as Support. We strive to provide our customers with the best user and product experience in the cloud, enabling your organization to get the ROI it deserves from this investment from 2013. 

We help organizations deliver game-changing transformations to the way they work. This means moving away – in full or in part – from costly, cumbersome, legacy systems to innovative cloud services and solutions.  

Our vision is a world where companies don’t need to worry about technology. It just works. As a result, people work productively together in ways that best suit them. They team up across world territories, co-create and collaborate on one single document from multiple locations, communicating and sharing intelligence in an intuitive, seamless way. The technology is invisible – a business enabler not a strait-jacket.

We have been delivering Cloud solutions to a wide range of small and mid-sized organisations transforming them into nimble, agile businesses that are easy to scale. We develop and deliver Cloud solutions hacks that help our customers find and discover new ways to work with Cloud Computing Solutions, all while saving on costs. We even share some our common solutions, discoveries and hacks with the public. 




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We investigated how well Google Docs™ and Microsoft
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