Cloud Productivity

There's productivity, then there's cloud productivity

Re-evaluate your business model to fit the digital world by improving efficiency, agility, and cost-reduction with our cloud-native solutions.

Here's to the modern workplace

Cloud technology has changed our lives and is now an integral part of practically everything we do, including our work. Transition your working environment into a digital workplace with a variety of cloud productivity solutions. 

Why Cloud Productivity


Intelligent technology that will drive innovation while empowering business teams with shared resources, self-service capabilities, elastic scalability, and automatic chargebacks.


99.9 percent uptime for websites, servers to run your workloads {SAP, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Point of Sale (POS) systems} on App Engine, Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage

Managed cost

Reduce your IT spend, by deploying efficient cloud models for specific workloads and applications. Realize your ROI by eliminating over-utilized or underutilized resources.


Ease the burden on your internal IT teams by leveraging a public cloud deployment model or service-based models such as platforms as a service, infrastructure as a service, or software as a service.

Seize your cloud productivity opportunity

Make the best of your operations

Diverse infrastructure, application and cloud services to make your company's journey to the cloud more flexible, efficient, secure and predictable

Learn more and act faster

Maximize the value of your data by embracing a data-driven culture that leverages cloud solutions to make data-driven decisions for revenue growth, improved customer experience and efficiency.

Be prepared for anything

Be adaptable and responsive to change, and seize new opportunities well ahead of your competitors. Gain flexibility, scalability and cost efficiencies with seamless cloud solutions.

The Pawa IT Approach to Cloud Productivity

Accomplish More with a Specialized Partner

As a Google Cloud Partner for Africa, we deliver a connected, smart, more intuitive set of tools through Google Cloud, that empowers teams to do their best work. Our Work Transformation Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Program stands as a testament to what we do best; transform workplaces. We are passionate about our customers and the Google cloud tech space. We do our best to make our customers make the best of it.

Google workspace premier partner

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