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How Private Cloud Works

Private cloud is a single-tenant environment. This means that all resources are exclusively available to one business. Your business’s custom cloud is often hosted in your own data center. However, private clouds can also be hosted on rented infrastructure in an offsite data center or hosted on the infrastructure of an independent cloud provider. You can either manage everything yourself or outsource partial or complete management to a service provider like Pawa IT Solutions.

Why Choose Private Cloud


There is no one-size-fits-all solution. But with the custom cloud, you can customize servers in any way you want and can customize software as needed with add-ons or through custom development to fit your organization’s set of technical and business requirements.

Regulatory compliance

Stay compliant with data compliance laws and regulations. Go private if the public cloud limits your organization's ability to adhere to national or international data localization, cybersecurity, and data protection laws. Deploy your custom cloud in accordance with any retention and access-control policies.

Enhanced security

Go private if your workloads deal with confidential documents, intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), medical records, financial data, or other sensitive data. You will gain greater visibility into security and access controls because all workloads run behind your own firewall.


As a custom cloud customer, you are free to purchase the hardware and software you prefer giving you more control over your data and infrastructure, and allowing you to intervene promptly should changes be needed. Your IT department can monitor application deployment and use advanced analytics to predict and prevent bottlenecks and downtime.

Go Private On Your Own Terms

Private clouds differ in the way that they are hosted and managed, providing different functions depending on the needs of your organization.

Virtual Private Cloud

Combine the scalability and convenience of public cloud computing with the data isolation of custom cloud computing. Other organizations can use the server, but workloads will run in isolation, or your organization can have its own server that is not shared by any other business.

Hosted Private Cloud

In a hosted custom cloud environment, the servers are not shared with other organizations. The service provider configures the network, maintains the hardware, and updates the software, but the server is occupied by a single organization.

Managed Private Cloud

The provider manages every aspect of the cloud for your organization, including deploying additional services such as identity management and storage. This option is suited for enterprises who lack the resources to run custom cloud infrastructures on their own.

The Pawa IT Approach to Private Cloud

  1. We assess the existing IT infrastructure to understand the application data, workload characteristics, and hosting environment.
  2. Share exactly what it is you want out of the custom cloud including organizational changes such as silos, duplication of services, security, and management of services.
  3. We will design the new infrastructure so that it suits you as much as possible.
  4. Having approved the solution, we will then compile everything for you and optimize the operation.
  5. Finally, you will be given access to the infrastructure.

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