Manage and scale your applications with Kubernetes

As businesses innovate in this digital age, user-facing applications are becoming increasingly complex to deploy, manage and scale. Specifically, managing and scaling applications becomes a nightmare during times of peak use for example during holiday sales (like Black Friday), launches, and when marketing campaigns are ongoing. This is where Kubernetes comes in!

What is Kubernetes

Kubernetes: What is it?

This is an open-source platform that automates container operations. It eliminates the complexities involved in deploying and scaling containerized applications. If you are wondering what a container is, the simplest answer is that this is a packaged form of your application that makes it more portable and cloud-native (cloud-first/cloud compatible). You can read more on containers and containerization here. Kubernetes is built with the same principles that allow companies like Google to scale planet-wide. Kubernetes automatically grows or shrinks the resources consumed by your applications based on the amount of traffic or usage.

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Should my company use Kubernetes?

Should my company use Kubernetes

Truly, several considerations need to be made before jumping on to the K8s (short for Kubernetes) bandwagon. Here are some starter questions to ask yourself:

> Is my platform the next big thing?
> Is my application experiencing intermittent bursts of traffic?
> Are my applications cloud-native? (are your applications using containers?)
> Are you using microservices?
> Are you considering a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy?

Perfect use-cases for Kubernetes

Legacy monitoring solutions were not designed to monitor systems with several moving, replacing, and scaling components. Legacy monitoring tools were built to keep a record of static environments where the only modifications were externally driven and preplanned. The need to keep up with the more dynamic needs of the business is the primary driver for the rapid adoption of containers, serverless, and K8s. Microservices are essential for staying competitive, and K8s is essential for managing microservices.

Retail and eCommerce

Have peace of mind when the next holiday season, product launch, Black Friday, or feature update comes around. With K8s and GKE cluster autoscaling in place, you will be able to easily handle these sharp increases in load without any human intervention. The result will be an increase in customer retention and gross profit margin.


. E-health organizations face increasing pressure to innovate more quickly and be more customer-focused while simultaneously minimizing downtime and its impact. K8s can help healthcare organizations innovate, providing them with greater security, faster application deployment, low costs, & scalability.

Application Development

With K8s, new application roll-out time decreases from several days or weeks to minutes or hours. This means that deployment is faster and developers can focus on writing applications, experimenting with existing applications, and creating new services. The deployment failure rate also decreases which in turn increases developer satisfaction and productivity.

Financial and Insurance

In the age of modern application services, users expect their applications to be available 24/7, and developers expect the ability to deploy new versions of those applications several times a day with minimal downtime. Cut down so much overhead cost by utilizing Kubernetes

Betting and Gaming

Automatically scale your application deployment up and down based on resource utilization (CPU, memory) to meet business needs. Enhance business agility as developers can quickly make small changes without disrupting application workflows or overhauling the entire system.

Software Services

Organizations can reduce IT operations and maintenance costs and focus on providing better customer service by using Kubernetes clusters tailored to their CPU, RAM, and storage needs. Get +99.99 % uptime, faster load times, lower failure rates, and faster developer velocity for your SaaS applications.

What Kubernetes can do for your business

Get faster time to market

Develop and iterate more rapidly and easily. Kubernetes helps free up your operations teams and developers by providing automated scaling, monitoring, and self-healing.

Optimize IT spend

K8s lets you automatically scale up and down the resources needed by your application. This ensures cost savings by increasing the efficiency of your resource usage.

Effectively migrate to the cloud

K8s and the applications it runs are effectively cloud-native, thus enabling your to leverage the various advantages of operating in the cloud.

Easily shift to a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy

Kubernetes is open source and can be run on-premise. It is also supported by many major cloud providers, thus making it possible to have Kubernetes clusters running in multiple separate environments.​

Improve scalability and availability of applications

Applications deployed on Kubernetes automatically scale horizontally to increase the instances processing requests of your apps, or vertically to increase the processing power of each instance of your application.

Resource optimization to organize workloads

Kubernetes lets you specify how much CPU, memory (RAM), and storage each container or application requires, and schedules instances across the container or application to maximize resource efficiency.

6 reasons you should use Kubernetes engine


Use the most automated and scalable managed K8s platform for continuous delivery and auto-scaling.

Easy deployment

Streamline your operations by easily deploying clusters with a single click and scaling up to 15000 nodes.

High availability

Use a high-availability control plane that includes multi-zonal and regional clusters, scales quickly, and removes single points of failure.

Industry standards

Born in Google's data centers, rely on the industry's first four-way auto-scaling to eliminate operational overheads.


Secure your applications using built-in vulnerability scanning of container images and data encryption


Anchored on extensibility and innovation, applications deployed to Google Kubernetes can run anywhere K8s is supported.

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