It’s never been more important to back up business data. Data breaches are happening every day, and there aren’t any signs of attacks slowing down anytime soon. Even though there are numerous ways to back up data, using cloud based storage is becoming increasingly popular among businesses.

Why Google Cloud Storage?

Google Cloud Storage isn’t anything new, but there’s still some uncertainty around how it can improve business operations. Without a doubt, businesses over the years have been backing up more and more data to the cloud, and for them, the benefits are clear. Cloud based backup has made it possible for organizations of all sizes especially SMBs to overcome increased storage demands without severely impacting bottom lines.

Unlike traditional backup methods, cloud-based backup enables businesses to keep operations running smoothly despite a growing threat landscape.There are several reasons why a business would choose cloud storage over traditional storage.

You Can Access Your Data from Anywhere

One of the top benefits of cloud storage is accessibility. You can access your data from anywhere in the world after it’s backed up to Google Cloud Storage. All you need is an internet-connected device and login credentials that’s it. Yes you got it/read it right!!

If You Need More Storage, You Can Just Purchase/Scale It

Sophisticated on-premises backup infrastructure can be costly, especially when you’re scaling it. Traditional backup offers limited storage capacity to the infrastructure you have on site. To scale your on-premises backup infrastructure, you’ll need to purchase additional hardware (such as magnetic tapes and tape drives) and allocate more manpower (to manage the additional resources). When backing up data to the cloud, if you need more storage, you can simply purchase it usually at a reasonable price. Google Cloud takes care of the rest.

Cloud-Based Backup Is More Secure Than On-Premises Storage Options

On the rise are cybersecurity threats. As they continue to increase and evolve, businesses reckon with the possibility of data breaches impacting them and data loss can cripple businesses, especially smaller ones. A flood or another natural disaster at the location where you’re storing backups can easily damage your tapes. Ruined tapes result in permanent data loss. Also, easy stealing of tape backups even when they’re locked up.

Data stored in the cloud is typically protected by round-the-clock monitoring. Data propagated to the cloud is also highly durable and redundant. It’s replicated sometimes to separate locations to increase storage reliability.

Google cloud also assists with complying with regulatory data requirements related to data storage and protection.

Tiered Storage Helps Save Costs

When it comes to storage, the cost is always a factor. One way cloud-based storage can help alleviate some costs typically associated with backup is by automatically tiering storage based on the accessibility. Not all data is equal. To save on costs, one can tuck away some data if it doesn’t need to be readily available.

With Google cloud storage, you can have your backups automatically moved from higher priced to lower priced tiers to save on money(Standard, Nearline, Coldline and Archive tiers), and it’s perfect for long-term retention.

When using Google Cloud storage to back up business data, you ensure the easy access of data from anywhere, safe keeping of backups, and cut costing measures.

Worry not we are here to make your life easy and keep your data and help you shift the Google Cloud way, we will walk this journey and ensure your data is on the cloud and safely protected. You can relax while on your holiday break. Talk to us

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