Google Workspace in Uganda

We Pawa IT Solutions provide more than just Google Workspace – G Suite – buying. As a Google Cloud Partner (Reseller), we deliver Google Workspace (Formerly G-Suite), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Google Education across 16 Africa countries that include: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, DR Congo, Niger, Nigeria, Benin, Angola, Zambia, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal.

The point is Google Workspace packs more than a dozen business solutions that businesses hardly notice nor take advantage of.  We can show you how to take advantage and make the most use of your Google Workspace (Formerly G-Suite). As a Google Cloud partner with a track record of helping organizations like yours increase communication and collaboration—easily and securely. What and how can be of help you ask?

  • Expect transparent, flexible pricing with Local billing: We deliver one simple, no-nonsense pricing model for everyone. The Same pricing you expect from Google is what we deliver, but with the convenience and benefit of Local Billing. No long-term commitments. No extra fees for basics, like phone support or critical security features. The way it should be. If you can pay Annually, that’s fine!  But also if you want to make quarterly or monthly payments, that’s fine by us as well!
  • Simple and fast migration: If you are not on Google Workspace (Formerly G-Suite) or are or are considering, as Google Cloud Partners, we smooth your migration from your current on-premises solutions to the cloud as fast as possible! Our expertise allows us to scope you migrations needs and provide the resources to get you up and running in the shortest time possible
  • Training: Our training plan is simple. Help your organization make the most of their G Suite – Now Google Workspace. We do this by exploring and showing them tips, tricks, and solutions hidden in plain sight from G Suite – Now Google Workspaces’ vast applications and capabilities. We do this by interacting and exploring real use cases for each of the G Suite – Now Google Workspace Solutions for your specific company needs. 
  • Support and SLA: We are there to provide all the consultation and support so that you are able to realize nothing but the optimal use of your G Suite – Now Google Workspace cloud. This includes unlimited Consultation from your team to our teams through; Email and Phone Support, Access to our Knowledge Base and Video tutorials as well as Onsite support when you need us
  • Solution Integrations:  and Our technical team is always working on solutions to power and solve particular localized business needs. Be it a need to batch send emails, create a leave system, restrict or enforce email compliance rules or integrate with your other systems such as CRM, HRM, etc. we are an email away to help.
  • Product Updates: When you are in the cloud, new updates, solutions, and upgrades can be overwhelming to keep tabs with!  And not to mention review any likely impact on your organization, now and in the future. That’s why we do this for you! When new updates, upgrades or anything in between comes,  we keep tabs, distill it and provide an abridged/digest version to our clients first and fast via email. We may also may post/blog or update the public where possible of the same on our blogs: Blog Corner