When it comes to GCP optimization, we believe in collaborating with the customer to review their current cloud needs vs future needs and then working in the right way to map their cloud needs to the optimized GCP cloud resources and tools to help them achieve that. We may end up helping you consider some essential cost savings tips, such as committed Use Discounts, VM rightsizing, cloud resource choices, etc.  But generally, you retain full control and management of your infrastructure and have no visibility at all.  Some of the quick optimization aspects we have seen and taken on to support customers, after undertaking a deep audit of their GCP cloud resources, for free of course, the delivered deep cost savings was after we found some funny things such as ;

  • too many ghost cloud resources such as disks, images, snapshot schedules, and VMs that were OFF or IDLE and no one knew anything about but were continually incurring costs;
  • over-provisioned Kubernetes clusters that barely hit 20% of their set and reserved threshold resources, leading  to excess spend
  • no alerts set for basics such as billing or monitoring for timely triaging.
  • CloudSQL instances using Public IPs
  • wrong choice of Cloud resources 
  • over-subscribing to cloud resources that have less use to the organization than known

Our Audit Approach

Our team is able to do is create a routine cadence to review and asses all your GCP resource consumption and provide recommendations and ways to reduce costs of such resources that may be in excess capacity, idle, or even unused. Don’t take my word for it; see how we delivered 26% cost savings in just two months for this FinTech Startup, cutting its GCP cloud spend from $13,879/pm to $10,143 /pm in just 3 months!

Now, read how we do this and how we can deliver the same for you.