About Car and General Kenya PLC

Car and General (Kenya) PLC is a Kenya-based holding company. The Company is engaged in the supply of generators, motorbikes, tuk-tuks, laundry equipment, lawnmowers, scooters, and automotive and engineering products in East Africa.

The challenge

Car and General were facing a challenge due to the diverse nature of their data. Data is collected on different systems and it becomes an uphill task whenever they want to consume it internally or provide it to clients.

Partner role in subject

Pawa IT Solutions developed an application that ingest SAP & other internal data via Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, and BigQuery and drives decision and actions on a simple web app used to serve over 200k requests per day

The solution

Working with Pawa IT Solution, we were able to use Google Cloud platform to build a custom solution for the needs of Car & General. The developed application was able to amalgamate all the organization’s data that was scattered across to support business decisions and actions in real-time such as SAP, NTSA, Dealers, and CRMs into a single portal.

The result

With the adoption of the logbook system, running on Cloud Run, Car & General has been able to seamlessly integrate all the data into one platform and improve its service delivery speed. The simplicity of scaling to even zero is a great cost relief. Users can now send simultaneous transfer requests do batch processing of transactions and track the real-time status of their application progress.

“The system has greatly improved compliance by ensuring that ownership is effected as soon as the motorbike is sold to the customer. The Government demands that the process is affected immediately as soon as a unit is sold. The Dealers have a portal to manage the data of motorbike transfers as well. Initially, this was managed through email conversations and reconciliations of Google Sheets. And we have saved the cost of doing business by managing the timely transfers of ownership and avoiding court cases due to issues such as accidents of untransferred motorbikes. Thanks to our collaboration with Pawa IT, who helped with their cloud and solution expertise”

Gilbert Mutai

ICT Manager Car & General