Genghis Capital

About Genghis Capital


Genghis Capital is an innovative and customer-focused investment solutions provider licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA). 

The challenge

Genghis Capital was using G Suite Basic with a subset of users being allocated additional Storage plans ranging from 50GB to 1TB. This was driving their costs high. Moreso, they needed a way to “retain and keep” staff data against the constant staff turnaround, internal needs, and data compliance with industry standards while also being able to securely have a shared resource for document collaboration.

Partner role in project

Pawa IT Solutions, provided the deployment and technical support, enabling the Genghis Capital team to make and realize the optimal value of mixing two Google Workspace plans on their domain, which resulted in cost-saving. 

The solution

Working with Pawa IT Solutions, Genghis Capital was able to choose and deploy a blend of two distinct Google Workspace plans; a subset of users on Google Workspace Business Standard with 2TB of storage and others on Google Workspace Business Starter. Given the Covid-19 Pandemic, which affected revenue for businesses, the Partial Domain Licensing (PDL) structure, allowed the team to save on their annual costs.

The results

Genghis Capital boosted collaboration by leveraging the accessibility to information and files in Shared Drives, higher attendance capacity on Google Meet, and the ability to record video calls. This lead to quick and informed decision-making while saving on costs, by reducing the annual license cost by 5,310 USD.

“ Embracing innovation and technology is the only way to counter any drastic changes to any industry. This ensures minimum financial and/ or operational effects to the business and with the help of Pawa IT Solutions we were able to achieve this”
David Odhiambo
Information Communication Technology and Projects Manager | Genghis Capital Limited