Roam Electric Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

About Roam Electric

Project Location: Kenya
Industry: Automotive

Roam is a company that provides tailored solutions to meet market demand in the electric mobility sector through its business segments Roam Air, Roam Transit, as well as Roam Energy & Charging. Roam is committed to providing affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly transportation solutions for emerging markets.

The challenge

Roam recognized the need to modernize its existing on premise infrastructure to meet the demands of its rapidly expanding business operations. The company needed a scalable and dependable solution that would improve its operational capabilities while ensuring there was limited downtime during the
migration process.

Partner role in project

Pawa IT Solutions created and implemented a comprehensive project implementation plan for
migrating Roam’s Windows workloads to Google Cloud and establishing dedicated hosting for MS Dynamics 365 on a Computer Engine while ensuring a smooth migration.

The Solution

Roam collaborated with Pawa IT to address the difficulty of migrating its Windows workload to Google Cloud. Together, they embarked on a comprehensive planning and preparation process, collaborating closely with Roam’s IT team and external vendors to ensure a smooth migration with limited downtime and disruptions to the organizations operations.

The Results

Roam migration to Google Cloud with the help of Pawa IT allowed them to boost resources on demand to avoid investing in excess hardware, and adjust resource allocation based on their changing needs. Implement granular IAM access controls to protect sensitive data while optimizing their hosting costs by
leveraging their existing Google Cloud account and credits and efficiently allocating resources.


Working with Pawa IT Solutions we were able to have a seamless migration and not only did we save significantly on costs as we are utilizing Google-provided credits, but the ease of scalability allowed us to effortlessly expand our infrastructure to meet the demands of our growing business. Our VMs are now running like a dream, and we can confidently say that Google Cloud has transformed how we do business.

Daniel Kamau, IT Officer