Betting companies on Google Cloud


For companies in the sports betting industry today, business operations are extremely complex. One betting company recently quoted that during major games, betting options can change as much as 100,000 times per minute, and downtime can mean losses of more than $500,000 per minute! ( 

I can understand how difficult and nerve-wracking it is to run such operations! Furthermore, all sports betting systems run on several platforms, including SMS, USSD, Mobile Apps, and Websites, all of which must be in sync for a single punter/player!  It necessitates the use of various data, systems, and apps to guarantee that they are all in sync, while also ensuring that all of these systems and platforms are secure from unscrupulous individuals both inside and outside the organization.

We had a chance encounter with sports betting company executives whose entire systems and infrastructure were down! Their website, mobile apps, SMS, and USSD systems were all down! How would this be, yet they were hosted on the cloud?  It turns out human actions or inactions can cost businesses a great deal even while they are in the cloud. In this situation, someone had failed to update the billing accounts associated to core cloud resources. After a few warnings from the provider, their entire cloud resources were frozen but not cut out. Due to time differences, they attempted to contact the cloud provider directly with limited success. Luckily, we were able to help in less than 30 minutes via a phone call!

As it turned out, this was not the only time or problem they had faced! The CEO informed us that such challenges were common in the sector. In addition, there was the problem of system tampering and manipulation of backend database systems which could have a direct impact on odds, users, and the company. We inquired about any system audits and logging of system activities in place, and their answer was a shocking NO!


So, even while on the cloud, a business must evaluate and analyze certain issues that look pretty boring but are critical in order to reap the benefits of cloud availability, reliability, and scalability. But how can a company be sure that access control, auditing, and logging measures are in place to protect its cloud business operations? This is how and why you need a third eye, also known as “ILLUMINATI!”; Kidding!

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