Google Workspace: Beyond the Purchase

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) brings together all the tools teams need to connect, create and collaborate, so you can get more done together. Are you considering using Google Workspace? Don’t know if you should make the transition or how to go about it? Let us show you how it’s done.

Switching to Google Workspace

How teams of all sizes connect, create, and collaborate

Google Workspace is a flexible innovative solution that will help your organization achieve more. It’s a single, integrated home to the apps more than 3 billion users know and love—Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Meet and more is everything you need to get anything done in any place.


Google Drive makes it easy to work securely from anywhere with secure access to files that are stored and shared in the cloud.


Focus on high-value work while protecting your company Gmail from email spamming and spoofing with admin-configured security settings.


Build relationships, foster connections, and reduce silos with immersive human-centered experiences in Google Meet.

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Pawa IT Solutions Limited is a Google Cloud partner focused on helping organizations increase communication and collaboration with Google Workspace. Let one of our Google Workspace specialists help you explore what the future of work can look like for your team.

The business impacts are easy to see

As a Google Cloud Partner with a work transformation specialization, we leverage our expertise in technology consulting and IT training services to provide the finest solutions for your company's most immediate concern, be it collaboration, productivity, reliability, or revenue growth.​ Compare the impacts of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 in this report—and see how teams are more productive and collaborative with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365 Impact on Business

95% of Google Workspace users are able to easily work with multiple people in the same document, compared to 84% of Microsoft 365 users.

48% of users agree that Google Workspace facilitates meaningful team conversations, compared to 38% of Microsoft 365 users.

Access to Information
85% of users say Google Workspace helps break down silos that impede effectiveness, compared to 74% of Microsoft 365 users.

Access to Information
85% of users say Google Workspace helps break down silos that impede effectiveness, compared to 74% of Microsoft 365 users.

Transitioning with Pawa IT is your best bet

300 businesses in Africa cannot be wrong. 

Enjoy a smooth transition to Google Workspace with our quick start guide.

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Leverage your business to new heights with Pawa IT Solutions

Pawa IT Solutions focuses on transforming and reinventing your workplace by delivering tailor-made solutions to our clients through Google Workspace. 

Google Forms to Slack Integration

Improve your customer satisfaction and Service Level Agreement requirements with automated Slack notifications. Each time a customer sends their feedback or request through a Google Form, your representatives get an immediate notification via Slack.

Automated Leave Application

Automate the leave application process via a Google Form and App Scripts. A leave request is filled by the employee. Data is filled in Google Sheets and an email is sent to the approver with a link to approve/reject the request.

Sending Curated Content to Subscribers

Minimize spamming by sending pre-selected content to your newsletter subscribers. A user selects newsletter content or topics on products they are in interested in from a Google Form and will only receive emails with information on the selected topics.

Organization-wide Email Signature

A solution that enables admins to automatically set email signatures for all users in the organization in a Google Doc. Each individual's contact details and job title is automatically populated in the signature.

Document Approvals in Google Drive

Request and review formal approvals on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, and Microsoft native files. Once requested, approvers can approve, reject, add comments, or edit the document in response. 

Data Loss Protection in Google Workspace

Get control over what users can share, and prevents unintended exposure of sensitive information such as credit card numbers or identity numbers with certain rules that control what users can share outside the organization

Admin Controls for Google Workspace

Manage users with cloud identity, manage devices with endpoint management and configure security and settings with 2-step verification in the Google Workspace console to keep your organization's data safe.

Mixing of Different Google Workspace Plans

Mix different Google Workspace Plans under a single domain/tenancy. Have a subset of users on the Business Starter Plan with others on a mix of either or all of Business Standard, Plus, and even Enterprise plans!

See Google Workspace in Action

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Google Workspace helps teams and organizations get more done with communication and collaboration tools known and loved by billions of users. And it’s designed from the ground up with industry-leading security and built-in privacy controls.

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