Pawa IT Solutions strives to deliver the best solutions to aid clients’ efficiency in business operations and facilitate their smooth and secure operations through cloud technology. Read in detail about the cloud services provided by Pawa IT Solutions.

 Company Introduction

Founded in 2013, Pawa IT Solutions is a cloud computing firm located in Kenya. Since its inception in 2013, Pawa IT Solutions has been spread across fifteen African countries and is still growing. The company strives to provide customers with the best services to enable clients’ increased ROI. Pawa IT Solutions has received certification and specialization in GCP, Google Education, and Google Workspace (Formally known as G Suite). They offer cloud solutions to various companies by collaborating with them and understanding their unique needs. The core cloud services offered by Pawa IT Solutions are Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Workspace for Education, Cloud Hosting Solutions, and Cloud Backup Solutions

GoodFirms Research Process

GoodFirms is an internationally recognized B2B portal that aims to help service seekers hire a professional cloud computing firm that delivers exceptional services. To search for service seekers easily, the veteran GoodFirms researchers evaluate companies on Quality, Reliability, and Ability parameters. These attributes are very crucial to rank companies on the website and categorize them so that the service seekers can go to a category and hire a reliable cloud service provider. On the same parameters, the GoodFirms team evaluated Pawa IT Solutions and discovered that they assist clients’ business growth through cloud solutions. Pawa IT Solutions has offered 300 businesses with support and also 200 educational institutions.

Supporting Clients with Cloud Computing Services

Their qualified team holds excellence in understanding the clients to offer them efficient cloud solutions that will increase their ROI. Through the cloud, they have been assisting clients in expanding business and offering them an edge in the marketplace. These cloud solutions help to mainly provide pro-active collaboration, optimal utility, efficiency, security and the best support. 

Through onboarding, training and support, they empower institutions and businesses to manage their own cloud solutions platforms. 

  • Google Workspace allows companies to work more collaboratively. They help clients with local building, training, fast and straightforward migration, product updates, support and SLA, and solutions integration. While in the education sector, Pawa IT Solutions helps by offering Google workspace for education. 

  • Through Google Workspace for Education, they offer various educational tools. In addition to Google Classroom, other applications offered include Gmail, Shared Google Drive, Google Meet, and so on. All these schools are FERPA compliant. They are also able to access cloud solutions also offer support to their clients throughout the service. Additionally, they have supported more than 200 schools and universities across Africa. 

  • The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) they offer powers organizations’ infrastructure with security and reliability. CGP helps clients transform businesses and revolutionize the way the business builds, manages, and deploy applications systems. The Google Cloud is also helpful because it comes with various benefits like security, capacity, network infrastructure, support, facilities, and bandwidth. Plus, it also reduces the cost associated with RPO and RTO. 

  • Being a cloud partner, they provide Google Cloud Backup solutions as well. This helps clients to manage their data and store them safely. This offers features like managed backup platform, office 365 backup, workstation and server backup, data storage, G-Suite backup, and data restore.

  • Pawa IT Solutions also offer Cloud Hosting Solutions to allow clients to host websites. In cloud hosting, they offer various plans from which the clients can choose based on their preferences. Cloud hosting comes with multiple features and promises its clients to provide the best of it. After getting into the depth of clients’ business, Pawa IT Solutions deliver various cloud solutions that are discussed. The firm’s ultimate focus is to transform businesses and enable them to adopt new technologies that can advance their business. 

They have been powering businesses with different cloud technology solutions to make the best of the clients’ business. Due to their commitment and sincere efforts, Pawa IT Solutions is ranked as one of the top cloud computing companies in Kenya at GoodFirms!

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