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Cloud computing adoption, infrastructure, spending, and development are all on the rise. However, most businesses that are adopting cloud computing for productivity and collaboration, as well as web-hosting and data storage, appear to have difficulties optimizing it for their operations. 

We have had cases and situations where businesses have deployed business-critical systems in the cloud and left all the technical aspects, management, and access to their developers and other third parties who obviously do not need this wide access. Small disagreements and the businesses are held hostage by the developers. Even more troubling is a scenario where some internal users with vast accesses can use their elevated access to tinker and access systems and manipulate or abuse the same, knowingly or unknowingly.

The Pawa IT Academy is a unique opportunity to educate both customers considering cloud adoption and those already on the cloud. The main aim is for us to provide the much-needed awareness to customers on the basic concepts of what and how the cloud can be important to their business and what measures can be put in place as a business to both optimize the cost in their cloud consumption as well give them the control they need.

The Pawa IT Academy Sessions: Weekly online sessions to help you evaluate and understand how the cloud delivers for your business

Week 1 | 03 March 2022: What is really cloud computing and how can it be helpful to your business?

Week 2 | 10 March 2022: Beyond email and licenses, learn how to squeeze more from your workspace?

Week 3 | 17 March 2022: Mapping common business needs/requirements to different GCP Stacks

Week 4 | 24 March 2022: Workplace transformation with tools and solutions for business workflows

Considering the cloud? We would be glad to help you get started with:
$1000 worth of cloud credits for new organizations on Google Cloud Platform, 10% off on the transfer of your Google Workspace account & 10% reduction on your Google Cloud spend.

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